Friday, 20 May 2011

How To Get Rid Of Zits Overnight

Zits! They always seem to appear at the most inappropriate times, usually when you have a formal event or important job interview etc. If you wake up to a big red puss filled zit and are wondering how to get rid of zits overnight? Or if it is even possible........then the good news is that it is possible! With the right routine and proper skin hygiene you can massively reduce or even completely get rid of zits overnight.

And I guess you now want to know were to find one of these routines to get rid of pimples over night right? And I guess you could buy some e-book someone is selling for $20.00 to find one of these routines, or you could get it from someone who has never suffered from acne who is just looking to make money from you, or you could scroll down this page and get my routine on how to get rid of zits overnight. A routine that I have used many times in the past with success and still use to this day. Anyway enough of me now just scroll down for the steps, just make sure to keep it secret or it might be stolen and sold on by someone trying to make a quick buck.

Step 1
Get some hot water, place a towel over the zit leaving the steam to open the pore. This should take 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2
After the pores have opened use an oil free cleanser to clean the face.

Step 3
Mix some green clay with rose water (plain water will also work) to create a paste like consistency. Once this has been achieved apply the mask over the face. Leave on for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water. The green clay will pull impurities, oil and dirt from deep within the pores. (Optional) Add in some blended garlic. This can help but will leave an unpleasant aroma for hours or even days later.

Step 4
Put some ice into a cloth and hold over the zit. This will close the pores and reduce swelling.

Step 5

Apply benzoyl peroxide over the zits before going to bed, leave on overnight. Wash off the next morning with warm water. The benzoyl peroxide will kill the acne causing bacteria.

By following all the steps outlined above on how to get rid of zits overnight your zits should have disappeared or reduced massively overnight. If there are any visible marks left you can cover them with a concealer, just make sure it is oil free and non-comedogenic. Hope these steps will help and come back soon for the next post.


  1. Finally i found how to get rid of pimples overnight I have had acne since fourth grade and i am now in eighth. I just tried this and it really works! just make sure you add moisturizer when you're all done or your face will dry out! also.. if it doesn't work for you, my friend uses GO 360 CLEAN and she has like no more acne so you should try it!

    1. I'm also in eighth grade.graduating in 16 days!!! :) (from a class of nine kids...haha) anyways, I've always had pretty great skin...just started having acne as soon as puberty hit.well screw puberty.haha I just kept using a different face wash every month and saw an improvement with the Noxzema Triple Clean Antibacterial face works so well and u can really feel a difference.just make sure u moisturize after....but occasionally I will use a mask and more often than that, like once a week, I use biore poor strips.miracle workers after a month!!! And I also (a few times a week) use olay spin exfoliates soooo well.I currently have great skin with only some red on my cheeks (from dehydration) and makeup covers that, although I don't use much. (Thank the Lord!!) But, even though they don't show, I can feel a big, warm, painful bump on my chin and between my nose and lip.....I really wish there was a way to get rid of these incoming zits overnight, because I've had these before and they usually show up a couple weeks later and go away like after a month....I really dont want a huge zit in my grad pics!!! :( plz reply if u find a way cuz I have searched and never found anything....

  2. Don't use topicals, they dry out the skin. Lance it with a fine insulin needle and gently squeeze out the oil. It should look clear. If you don't get the oil out, it grows bacteria and it is the bacteria that causes the scars.

  3. Proper skin hygiene you can massively reduce or even completely get rid of zits overnight.Overnight Acne Cures